• [TWdrama] Roseate Love (2009)


    Titre : 紫玫瑰 / Zi Mei Gui
    Titre Anglais : Roseate-Love
    Titres Alternatifs : Purple Rose / 紙玫瑰 (Papier Rose) / 天國的薔薇 (La Rose du Paradis)
    Genre : Romance, melodrama
    Episodes : 13
    Chaîne : CTS / GTV
    Période de diffusion : 2009-Jul-12 to 2009-Oct-11 -- Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
    Opening theme song : Ai Yi Zhi Cun Zai (愛一直存在) Love Always Exists by Rachel Liang
    Ending theme song : Ku Guo Jiu Hao Le (哭過就好了) It'll Be Fine After Crying by Rachel Liang


    Xiao Zi (Liang Wen Yin/ Rachel) yearns for her childhood sweetheart singing passionately in the pub of a five-star hotel, Lin Nuo (Xu Liang Yu/Henley). The self-assembled "Future Man Band" though only receiving little applause, does not deter Xiao Zi's admiration, and her specially numbered "Purple Roses" made from paper, using true determination, praying for Lin Nuo to defeat the Devil, who is not worthy to be admired.
    Today, there is a new waiter in the pub, Ning Zi Da (Huang Teng Hao/ Tender), put under the direction of Xiao Zi. The outside world is all talking about the Zi Da's background, Xiao Zi being righteous and straight forward, accidentally reveals the truth about Zi Da's birth, changing Zi Da's perception of her. Looking at this silly naive girl, pursuing a guy not belonging to her, furthermore making one by one numbered paper purple roses, Zi Da's heart which is surrounded with metal walls, cracks a bit with warmth.

    [traduction du résumé plus tard...là je dors lol]


    Rachel Liang as Wang Xiao Zi 王小紫
    Jin Wei Fan (金韋汎) as childhood Xiao Zi
    Tender Huang as Ning Zi Da 甯子達
    Wang Zheng Wei as childhood Zi Da
    Denny Huang as Ning Jie Fei 甯杰飛
    Cai Yun You (蔡昀佑) as childhood Jie Fei
    Xu Liang Yu (許亮宇) as Lin Nuo 林諾
    Zhao Bo Han (趙柏翰) as childhood Lin Nuo
    Tiffany Xu as Mina 米娜
    Cai Yun Qi (蔡昀琦) as childhood Mina
    Ke Shu Qin as Lin Jing Jing 林晶晶
    Fu Lei (傅雷) as Ning Jing An 甯敬安
    Ren Ma as Wa Wa 娃娃
    Wang Zhong Ping (王中平) as Wang Dong 王董
    Wu Wen Xuang (吳玟萱) as Wu Jia Pei 吳家佩 (Patty)
    Huang Zi Jia (黃子嘉) as Chen Mei Hui 陳美惠
    Li Jia Wen as Da Pao 大砲
    Lu Jun (陸鈞) as A Kai 阿凱
    Ji Guan Hong (紀冠宏) as Shu Tiao 薯條
    Fan Hong Xuan (范鴻軒) as Xu Lao 徐老
    Huang Tai An as Tai Ge 泰哥
    Qiu Long Jie (邱隆杰) as Wang Lin 汪霖
    Dong Shun Hao (董舜豪) as Reporter Jiang
    Gao Shan Feng (高山峰) as Fan Wei 范偉
    Ma Li Ou (馬利歐) as Lin Sang 林桑
    Guan Jin Zong (管謹宗) as Orphanage dean

  • Commentaires

    Mercredi 19 Janvier 2011 à 22:26
    Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Ce drama est tout simplement merveilleux. Merci de l'avoir choisi
    Lundi 24 Janvier 2011 à 09:30
    Je ne connaissais pas...alors là je découvre ce drama...merci ^^
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